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Point of Sale (POS) terminals

At Logiscenter we are leaders in the field of automatic identification and mobility, as well as reference partners of the main manufacturers of point-of-sale (POS) systems. Together with the experience of our technical team, we will help you choose the product that best suits your business specifications so that you can easily adapt this system to your company with total safety and comfort.


What are POS terminals?

A POS Terminal is a terminal that is responsible for making a transaction or payment to the end customer. It is usually associated with a cash register, coin drawers or barcode readers, but there are a variety of systems that can help in this common business process.

In turn, the POS is a set of software and hardware that allows greater control of revenue in the different points of sale, increase the overall productivity of the business and reduce billing times in each of the transactions.

Uniquely designed to maintain better sales and cash flow records in the company, cash registers were the first POS to appear and be introduced into the retail industries. With the passage of time and the development of new technologies, these systems have evolved into electronic point-of-sale solutions beyond a simple tracking of sales.

Considering the volume of sales of our business, we can implement from basic POS systems with software responsible for collecting only sales data to sophisticated software modules that can automate orders, control the replenishment of stocks and combine with marketing campaigns. It is something fundamental to know and study in depth the final behavior of the consumer. In addition to the usual boxes, additional equipment, such as card readers or barcode scanners, can be added to the company.

Currently, POS systems can operate through a single network of computers that are installed in the company and require a local server or cloud system with an Internet connection. The latter are usually the most frequent in companies, since any user can access them from a simple tablet, smartphone or computer.

POS Utilities

Most POS systems are implemented as points of sale to help the customer make their purchase effectively. The main utilities they offer for a company are:

  • Useful information: they offer detailed information on each of the transactions that are carried out in the company. They allow to quantify all sales and generate concrete reports regarding income and accounting operations.
  • Improved mobility: thanks to POS systems, orders can be placed anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • Great user experience: the customer will feel comfortable and safe, thus reducing the usual waiting times in a transaction.
  • Real-time inventory control: these systems allow you to know the status of the products and the stock of the warehouse. It avoids manual counting and streamlines the process of replenishing and automating your stock.
  • Employee management: it can also be used as a tool to track employees. Task scheduling, analysis of each or execution times are just some of the functions that can be measured.

Types of POS we offer at Logiscenter

Now that we know all the benefits that point-of-sale systems bring, it's time to know the components needed to support your software.

POS Terminals

They are the screens or monitors that show any type of information related to the product. They can also help the management of employees by the company and are very useful for the retail industry, restaurants and consumables stores. At Logiscenter we work with well-known brands such as ELO or Glancetron.

POS Printers

POS printers allow you to print a paper receipt with the transaction summary instantly. It is delivered to the customer so that he knows the products he has consumed, as well as the total amount of the sale. They can also be used to print total employee sales and learn useful information such as hours worked. Within our catalog, you can find manufacturers such as Zebra or Epson.

Cash drawers

Although more and more are paid by credit card, cash is still essential for the sale. Cash drawers are physical places where money can be stored in a comfortable way for the worker.

Barcode readers

Barcode readers help automate purchasing processes. Through a simple scan, you can know all the product information and add it to the final sale. They should be integrated alongside inventory management systems to easily adjust store and warehouse stock levels.

Magnetic stripe readers

These peripherals are used to read information found on a magnetic stripe card. Their work is essential within POS systems, since they allow you to finalize the transaction by payment by credit or debit card. At Logiscenter we work with the most important manufacturers, such as Unitech or Promag, thus offering a guarantee and quality service.

Viewers - Customer Displays

The viewers allow you to present the prices of the product, the description and any type of additional information in a clear and simple way, which can help in making the final purchase decision. In our catalog you can find brands such as Citizen or Bixolon.

How to choose the best POS

Incorporating a POS system involves a great analysis and study of the previous needs of the business. It is important to consider the ease of use, the information you must obtain daily, the type of hardware and the quality of service that is offered to the end customer.

If your goal is to sell tangible products, a POS allows you to make collections in a much more efficient and simple way, control the stock and provide the customer with the possibility of making the payment in any modality.

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