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Logiscenter offers a wide range of bar code labels, tapes (ribbons), printheads, pre-printed labels and asset tags. From standard format labels to labels used in special conditions and extreme applications, Logiscenter can help you choose the most suitable items for your needs. 

        Direct thermal printing Vs. Thermal Transfer


        • Thermal transfer printing

        Thermal transfer printing utilizes a thermal ribbon, and involves heating the thermal print head elements of a thermal transfer ribbon to melt and transfer the ink compounds to a label, thus creating a printed image. Thermal transfer printers are the most effective in producing resistant and long lasting labels.


        • Direct Thermal Printing

        Direct thermal printers do not use a ribbon. With direct thermal printing,  print head elements come into direct contact with heat sensitive labels.  The heat from these elements causes a color change in the label which produces the printed image. Because direct thermal printing paper is sensitive to heat and sunlight, it is recommended to store these labels indoors. Direct thermal labels have a shelf life of about one year. 



        Three elements to consider when choosing a label or Ribbon

        Before choosing a ribbon or labels we have to consider three important aspects:

        Type of Use: The desired quality and length of the label

        Generally direct thermal printers (no ribbon) are used in massive printing processes where print speed and simplicity are important.  This may include labels for logistics operators, couriers, domestic production labels, etc.


        Thermal transfer printers provide a higher more durable quality print. Typical label examples are for material identification, locations, products, etc ...

        Printer Size

        The size of the printer, will determine the size of the label rolls in terms of the specified inner core diameter:

        • Medium volume, large and industrial printers: 76 mm inner core.
        • Small printers such as desktop printers: 25 mm inner core.
        • Portable printers: 19 mm inner core.

        Additionally, there are two different sizes ribbon coils depending on the type of printer: Desktop or Industrial.

        Label size

        There are a variety of sizes and formats for labels. Prices vary and tend to be more competitive for standard sizes/formats as opposed to specialty labels.  Please keep in mind that the width of the ribbon should always be one millimeter larger than the label.


        The most common labels for inventory or warranty guarantees measure 24x12 or 50x20mm.

        Shipping Labels tend to be large, the most common size typically used are  100x100mm or 100x150mm.

        Labels for goods and articles will vary in measurement depending on the amount of information needed.   They typically measure between 100x80 and 100x60mm.

        Pricing Labels are very common and typically use measurements of 26x12's and 26x16.

        Pallets labels  vary in size depending on how much information is included in the label. The most widespread used size is 148x210mm.

        Labels for Electronic Components: Sizes will vary according to the amount of information displayed as well as the product size.  Typical sizes range between 70x30 and 50x20.




        Types of Ribbon

        Wax ribbons: Composed of a high percentage of wax with a polyester base, and are known for their high sensitivity and contrast. Wax ribbons work best in lower temperatures which helps to increase the lifespan of the thermal printhead.  The drawback of wax ribbons is that they are less resistant against smudges, scratches, chemical and environmental resistance than resin or wax/resin based ribbons.  Wax ribbons are perfect for printing on paper but not on synthetics. It is perfect for printing standard bar codes on paper and cardboard materials.

         Resin Ribbons: Composed of a high percentage of resins and a polyester base.  Resin ribbons are known for their resistance to abrasive agents such as alcohol or gasoline and can print high quality images on special surfaces like plastic holders, other synthetic materials and certain types of high gloss paper. It requires a higher operating temperature which can be more abrasive to the shelf life of the thermal printhead than a wax ribbon. 

        Mixed (Wax/Resin) Ribbon: Consists of a combination of waxes and resins with a polyester base. Notable for combining the properties of the previous ribbons while offering greater resistance and durability when printing on paper, plastic and synthetic materials. These ribbons offer excellent value for the money.


        Thermal Desktop Label Printers

        In this category you will find labels of different formats and materials suitable for direct thermal printers that use small rolls with inner core diameters of 25mm.


        Industrial Thermal Label Printers

        Here you will find labels of different formats and materials for direct thermal printers that use large rolls with inner core diameters of 76mm.



        Portable Thermal Label Printers

        Here is where you will find labels of different formats and materials for portable direct thermal printers that use rolls with an inner core diameter of 19mm.


        Thermal Transfer Label Desktop Printer

        In this category you will find labels of different formats and materials for thermal transfer printers that use small rolls with an inner core diameter of 25mm.


        Industrial Thermal Transfer Label Printer

        In this category you will find labels of different formats and materials for thermal transfer printers that support large rolls with inner core diameter of 76mm.



        Healthcare Wristbands

        In this category you will find single use wristbands with a safety lock made from a variety of materials. Suitable for multipurpose identification, maternity, risk groups, access control for restricted areas


        Continuous Paper Rolls (Receipt)

        In this category you will find continuous rolls of paper for use in receipt printers that issue sales receipts such as in grocery stores, supermarkets and shops.



        Label Ribbons

        Thermal printers are use a heat-transfer ink ribbon which creates an image by making contact with paper. The print head generates heat that "melts" the ribbon onto a label. In this section you will find all kinds of Ribbons; wax, resin and mixed.



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