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How to buy at Logiscenter?

Buying at Logiscenter is simple and secure. We provide various ways of ordering for your convenience and ease of doing business with us.

Online Orders

 Fast and easy! Just a few clicks and your order is Ready:

  • Enter quantity needed in the field "Qty." and click  on the "cart" image next to qty.
  • If you wish to add other  products, click “continue shopping";
  • Once your billing address, shipping method, and payment method is complete click on "place order now"

    Telephone Orders

    Call 1-800-729-0236 and one of our representatives will be ready to assist you and place your order.

    Fax Orders

    Fax orders to 1-800-729-0236.  As soon as our team confirms the order, it will be processed and place or shipment.


    Contact :

    Customer Service

    Telephone : 1-800-729-0236

    E-mail : customerservice@logiscenter.com

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