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Thermal printer ribbon

Cabeçotes Térmicos

Desktop printer ribbons

Compatible printers: Honeywell PC43 , Toshiba FV4, Zebra LP2844, Zebra TLP2844,  Zebra GK420,  Honeywell PF8,  etc.

DescriptionLargeThicknessRibbons per boxReference number
2300 Wax33741202300GS03307
2300 Wax64741202300GS06407
2300 Wax84741202300GS08407
2300 Wax110741202300GS11007
3200 Wax/Resin 64741203200GS06407
3200 Wax/Resin 84741203200GS08407
3200 Wax/Resin 110741203200GS11007
5095 Resin64741205095GS06407
5095 Resin84741205095GS08407
5095 Resin110741205095GS11007

Industrials printer ribbons

Compatible printers: Zebra ZT420, Zebra ZT230, Zebra S4M,  Zebra ZM400,  ZM600,  Zebra Z4M,  Zebra Z6M,  Zebra 105SL, Honeywell PD41,  Honeywell PM43,  Honeywell PX6I,  Datamax I-Class

DescriptionLargeThicknessRibbons per boxReference number
2100 Wax404501202100BK04045
2100 Wax604501202100BK06045
2100 Wax804501202100BK08045
2100 Wax894501202100BK08945
2100 Wax1024501202100BK10245
2100 Wax1064501202100BK10645
2100 Wax1104501202100BK11045
2100 Wax1314501202100BK13145
2100 Wax1564501202100BK15645
2100 Wax1744501202100BK17445
2100 Wax2204501202100BK22045
3200 Wax/Resin 40450603200BK06045
3200 Wax/Resin 60450603200BK08045
3200 Wax/Resin 80450603200BK08945
3200 Wax/Resin 89450603200BK10245
3200 Wax/Resin 110450603200BK11045
3200 Wax/Resin 131450603200BK13145
3200 Wax/Resin 156450603200BK15645
3200 Wax/Resin 174450603200BK17445
3200 Wax/Resin 220450603200BK22045
5095 Resin40450605095BK04045
5095 Resin60450605095BK06045
5095 Resin83450605095BK08345
5095 Resin89450605095BK08945
5095 Resin110450605095BK11045
5095 Resin131450605095BK13145
5095 Resin154450605095BK15445
5095 Resin174450605095BK17445
5095 Resin220450605095BK22045

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