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How does a counterfeit detector work?

A counterfeit detector and a Ratiotec banknote counter

There is a possibility that a counterfeit bill will reach our hands. A great ally for business in these cases are counterfeit detectors. These machines solve, in less than a second, all doubts about the authenticity of cash. But how does a banknote detector work?

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How do you know if a barcode is fake?

A woman reading a barcode from a package with a laptop behind it

Barcodes are present in our day to day. We can find this system, which allows to encode numbers and letters through an image, in various formats that encode in different ways. Each of them is designed to fulfill a specific task, depending on the information they collect. In this way, we can find two large groups: one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes. They can also collect information depending on the type.

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Hospitality printers: restaurants, bars and cafes

A café next to several restaurant tickets

Although in hospitality the client always looks at the food, the best quality and flavor possible, in addition to -increasingly- high hygiene demands, an important step to close your clients visit positively is the time it takes to pay for the service. A receipt that has a good presentation, with the right weight, quality, and design, offers a better image of our company.

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What is a PDA and what is it used for?

Five PDAs from Datalogic's Memor10 family

PDAs have become a must in many types of businesses (logistics, storage, retail, etc.). They facilitate and streamline the work that must be done, and offer various functions, so they are useful for different applications within the same company. Being such an essential instrument, it is time for us to know more about what exactly a PDA is, how it works and what it is used for in the professional field.

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I want to open a grocery store

Shop assistant passing food through the box

Starting a business is not easy, and it never hurts to read some tips. In addition to choosing a good location, a favorable store front and the best suppliers, we must know how to choose which are the most appropriate terminals for our needs, considering both the quality of the devices and their price.

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How to read an EAN barcode

A barcode superimposed on two women looking at clothes in a store

The barcode is a system that allows us to encode numbers and letters using an image. There are a variety of types of barcodes, depending on the coding system they use. Each of them is designed to fulfill a specific function, according to the information they collect. There are one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, which can store more or less information. One of the most used is the code EAN (European Article Number) or IAN (International Article Number), whose task is to identify the products sold in stores.

The use of the EAN-13 code is widespread in Europe and almost the rest of the world, except the United States and Canada, where the UPC (Universal Product Code) is used. This one digit less (12). The simplest and most common way to read a barcode is to use a reader or scanner, as they allow you to interpret it quickly. Now, let's learn how to decipher an EAN barcode manually.

Read an EAN barcode manually

EAN barcodes have a fixed length adjusted to a relatively small space. It is represented by a set of vertical stripes and blanks – both of different width – which translate into a 13-digit number that is usually just below them.

To decipher an EAN barcode, the key is in the position of the numbers. The first two indicate the country of origin. In the case of Spain, its hallmark is 84. The following five numbers correspond to the identifier of the company that manufactured the product. Those that are placed between the eighth and twelfth position belong to the specific product.

Finally, the barcode ends with a check digit, which serves to corroborate that the code is correct. To obtain it, you have to add the numbers of the odd positions, multiply the result by three and add the digits of the even positions. After this, we round the result to the next top ten and the check digit will be the amount we have needed to reach rounding.

Model of an EAN barcode

Therefore, if we consider these elements, we can identify to which product, company and country the barcode belongs.

Why do we need a barcode?

Any product that is going to be marketed in stores, needs to have an exclusive barcode. EAN codes are mandatory in sectors such as retail or food. In fact, they are practically not used in other activities. As it allows to include the 12 digits of a warehouse item in a relatively compact space, it was developed mainly to meet the storage needs in the retail industry, as it allows easy control of inventory.

In case of needing EAN codes, you must buy them. These are purchased from certified companies, which assign a unique barcode for you to add to the product packaging. A good option to include the codes in your products is to opt for a barcode printer, with which you can print them on adhesive labels or on the packaging itself.

If you still have questions about barcodes, contact the Logiscenter technical team and they will help you with everything you need.

How to print paper bracelets for events

A person attaching a paper bracelet for events to another person

A good paper bracelet can make all the difference in your event. A nice memory of the big day that the attendees spent, with a personalized design that makes it unique. In addition, these bracelets help to keep control of who the attendees of a party or concert are and are very easy to get. In Logiscenter we explain how to make paper bracelets for events in a simple way, with the help of a thermal printer and the right material to enjoy all the advantages they present.

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First money-counting machines: history

A coin counter and a Ratiotec banknote counter

Money counting machines are a great ally for businesses that use cash, as they save a lot of time. There are automatic counters for both coins and banknotes, a great advancement to avoid having to calculate cash manually.

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Thermal printer vs. matrix: differences

A Zebra dot matrix printer versus a custom thermal printer

When choosing a printer for our business, we have such a wide variety that it may surprise us if we do not know the characteristics offered by the different printing technologies available on the market. Among the various existing types focused on the business environment, two options stand out due to the advantages they present: thermal printing and dot matrix printing.

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Print non-stop with the new Zebra ZE511 and ZE521

Zebra ZE511 and ZE521 printers

Zebra has just released new ZE511 and ZE521 print engines, which feature superior performance. Printing has no limits thanks to its speed and metal construction: you can use them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It should be noted that these print engines are very robust as they do not require cooling fans, which prevents debris from entering the print engine. Additionally, the external enclosures are resistant to water ingress and dust, an important feature for deploying these models in harsh environments.

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